The Power of Good Design

Before having dinner last night, I decided to sit out on my back porch and go through the most recent issue of House Beautiful (May 2011).  Not only did the issue reveal some lovely spaces and refreshing product, but my attention was immediately grabbed by the opening letter.

Newell Turner, House Beautiful’s Editor-In-Chief, couldn’t have said what he wanted to say any better…In addressing the purpose of their magazine and the power of good design, Newell said:

“For the past five years, we’ve made House Beautiful a Q&A magazine for a reason:  to get right to the topic (decorating) in the words of the artist (the designer).  They’re the masters, and they’re always generous in sharing their visions and ideas with us–even revealing some of their secrets.”

It was a rewarding reminder, as a designer, that we do what we do because we’re good at what we do (or at least we hope!), and that we’re respected professionally for the difference we can make in people’s lives and homes.

Thank you, Newell…your letter is so appreciated!


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