A Gutsy Renovation!

A friend of mine, Giacomo, recently purchased his first home here in Washington, DC.  Being a wonderfully “ambitious homeowner” as many of us can be, Giac decided to renovate his Guest Bedroom himself!

The challenge for Giac wasn’t the actual work itself, but that HGTV wanted to film the work for an upcoming episode of Renovation Realities…and so they asked that he complete the project in just five days!

When HGTV arrived, Giac and his handy assistant, Yale, got right to work…The five days of do-it-yourself labor included the following:

Day 1:  Giac and Yale removed all of the insulation from the attic…They wanted the room to have more of a “light and airy” feel so they then removed the Guest Bedroom ceiling in order to convert the attic space to more of a loft space throughout…The rest of the day required cleanup of the demolition work.

Day 2:  Baffles and insulation were installed between the roof beams of the exposed roof…then the new ceiling was sheetrocked.

Day 3:  Electrical work tackled and a hole was cut to install a skylight in the “attic’s” ceiling, along with the skylight’s install!

Day 4:  The next task was to combine the original ceiling beams and reuse the dried pine from the attic to finish the wood moulding/siding at the level of the beams.

Day 5:  Completion of sheetrock and painting of the entire interior space…

Obviously, I work with contractors all the time to take on renovations for clients, but I personally don’t know how to do any of this work myself…so I was hugely impressed with this grand undertaking…especially in such a short period of time!

Giac sent me pictures of the completed space several days ago…I wanted to share the finished product with you…I’m really impressed with what he and Yale accomplished with this “gutsy renovation!”

I absolutely love the paint color selected with its olive and muddy undertones…The exposed beams and brick give the Guest Bedroom wonderful textural elements, and really add to the architectural feel of the home…and, of course, it should go without saying that I love the black doors with white trim…a classic punch that always gives more visual interest to a space!

Excellent job, Giacomo and Yale…I’m very impressed and thrilled to be able to share the “Before & Afters” with everyone!


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