Lets Get Organized!

It’s a new day and a New Year, which means only one thing…it’s time to put those resolutions into effect and get organized!

You can significantly change the appearance of your space just by re-organizing, de-cluttering, and consolidating.  The holidays are a time of year that quickly become overwhelming for everyone and, as a result, our homes becomes collectors of a whole lot of “new additions.”

January can be a month of a “slow return”…to work, social lives, and past projects…so I challenge you to take advantage of this time, re-organize at least one space in your home, de-clutter and consolidate!

This Dutch Breakfront Cabinet from Wisteria is a truly fantastic piece for many reasons…It’s exceptionally versatile in that its placement options are quite endless…It would make a fantastic addition to any kitchen or breakfast space with the top shelves to hold glasses and dinnerware and the bottom drawers to hold silverware and napkins…This concept could also be executed in your dining room space…

The cabinet could also be placed in a living room, bedroom, or office…As I mentioned, consolidate your collections…Fill the top with books and picture frames, or small treasures that you have collected on your travels…Keep your collections and displays confined to certain areas…It will make your space feel cleaner, more organized, and less busy…The focus then won’t be on all of the various displays, but on the overall design scheme with limited attention to the collections or various things that are confined to a particular space.

As always, I’m drawn to the natural gray wood of the cabinet…The piece has texture and an aged patina that’s sure to grab the attention of visitors…It has an exceptionally versatile depth of 19.5″,and an authentic antique of this style and size would cost four times as much as this reproduction…

Beautiful addition, Wisteria…and for those of you out there, lets get organized!



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