What’s There Not To Love With FLOR?

It’s a product that many of you have been familiar with for quite some time, but the options and possibilities for new and updated looks continues to grow!  Steve and I were recently at a dinner party and some friends of ours had installed a FLOR product in their home…which refreshed my memory of this product that’s so easy to install, so easy to repair, and so easy to maintain.

When FLOR first launched their product, the options seemed to be much more contemporary and limited…but not any more!  They now have so many different designs and styles that one can almost accomplish any desired look in their home…Whether it be an area rug or wall-to-wall carpeting, their user-friendly website is sure to meet your needs.

I came across one of their newer products that I particularly like…It’s called the Warm Welcome…I like it because it has the appearance of a sisal…It’s transitional in feel and available in four different colors…At $15 a tile, you could cover an 8 x 10 area for $450, and I’d say that’s a pretty great deal for what you’re getting!  You can order 3 samples for $5…an investment worth making in order to ensure the perfect coloring for your space.

Check out how adaptable their product is and how easy it’s to install…and their responsible efforts to care for the planet are pretty remarkable!  What’s there not to love with FLOR?




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