A Rustic Retreat Fit For A Child!

Photo Credit: Miguel Flores-Vianna / Elle Decor December 2010

In Elle Decor’s December 2010 issue, Rusty and Mary Lynn Turner share their family’s rustic family retreat in Ketchum, Idaho.  Three years ago, their family decided to build their ideal family getaway, and so Mary and her two daughters made their design vision come to life.

The overall layout is exceptionally gorgeous…relaxed yet tasteful, sophisticated yet casual, but most importantly, comfortable and functional.  It’s a wonderful example of how spaces can still be stunning yet useable, durable, and practical at the same time.

The above image immediately caught my attention…it would, in my opinion, make the most fantastic bedroom for kids…brothers and sisters, cousins, friends…Can’t you see it?!

I love the painted fir-paneled walls…they give architectural interest to the space…and I love how each space / bunk bed has a window for its own light and yet also has split-draw panels for privacy and functionality.  Task lighting is provided above each bed for nighttime reading and storage is readily available on the bottom two bunks when needed…Beyond all of that?!  The decor of the space is in keeping with the rest of the home, showing a beautiful transition once again from room to room…and yet this space screams “a kids’ retreat!”

Beautifully executed, Mary Lynn, Marie, and Emily…I love your Idaho home.


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