All I Want(ed) For Christmas Is…

…A BEING SPONGE?!?!  Well, it isn’t exactly what I wanted for Christmas, but I couldn’t resist this as a blog entry (Dinner Party Plans? You could, of course, consider this as an addition to your host or hostess gift!).

During the holiday break, Steve made a trip to the grocery store and returned with a surprise for me…Not only was I thrilled, but it meant so much to me that he came across them and immediately thought of me…Beige sponges!

I know…sounds ridiculous…but when design encompasses your entire life, you can’t help but think about each and every detail…Can a space’s aesthetic be improved?!  What finishing touches does it need or what can be done?!

I’ve never had a problem with putting our sponge away in our kitchen…It, of course, has its own home behind the door below the sink…but now, I don’t have to worry!  I can leave the sponge on the counter, and voila…it still marries beautifully with my environment!

They’re Scotch Brite’s “Greener Clean” Natural Fiber Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges…They can be bought in various quantities, and are available at your local store or online…

Thank you, Steve, for thinking of me and making our home “one-detail more beautiful!”



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