Powder Rooms Deserve Punch Too

Photo Credit: Victoria Pearson / House Beautiful

I’m very often presented with whole-home projects, which can potentially even include client’s powder room spaces.  Powder rooms, particularly in many spaces in Washington, DC, can be quite small and challenging…at least to the homeowner!

I always say that this is an opportunity to interject some punch into one of your spaces.  Treat the small space as a little gem, and give it the personality and character it deserves!  Consider covering the walls in a toile or stripe wallpaper, go for a dramatic and bold paint color, or treat the mirror and sconces as the space’s “jewelry” and go for something more ornate or over the top!

This picture caught my attention for the following reasons: I love how designer Madeline Stuart lime-washed the walls…The subtle texture and movement gives the small space character, softness, and warmth.  I also love the high contrast of the bronze backsplash and iron mirror and sconces interjected into the space…The high contrast makes for a very dramatic statement.  Finally, and what most probably don’t appreciate from this image, but you can tell that the wall-mounted sink was also selected for its precise scale…not too deep, not too wide, but just right for a space that requires functionality yet can still be considered breathtaking.

Beautifully designed, Madeline Stuart…Thank you for sharing your well-executed design with us!



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