Three Words that Catch My Attention Immediately!

Distressed, French, and Country…These three words immediately catch my attention as they show age, patina, informality, and a particular period.  My designs typically reflect a desire to mix the antique with something new, and to mix different periods and styles together as I think that shows one’s ability to design creatively and timelessly!

Of course, some antiques are affordable while others are outrageously expensive.  When creating a particular look that needs to reflect the “old and the new,” I sometimes pair newer upholstery with antique reproductions!  The effect is still very similar with a design aesthetic that reflects personality, character, and uniqueness.

I came across this bench from Wisteria…The Distressed French Country Bench…I think it’s fantastic in that I love the cane back, the distressed 18th century design finish, and the 8 legs…It allows even the smallest of spaces to have a certain airiness and lightness…

You can add several throw pillows for color, pattern, and texture if needed…and with 24″ in depth, this bench has so much versatility…a niche surrounded by windows could potentially be the perfect home for this jem of an “antique.”

Excellent job, Wisteria…another stylized piece of furniture that’s surely a wonderful addition to any individual’s collection!



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