A City Escape with Class

Photo Credit:  Roger Davies, Elle Decor November 2010

In the most recent issue of Elle Decor, Los Angeles-based designer Suzanne Rheinstein shares her Manhattan apartment with us.  The apartment is half of a former duplex with a large living room, one bedroom, library, and Master bath.

The layout caught my attention mainly for its beauty…but after reading the article, I realized that this is, once again, a fantastic example of how a space is used well…Rooms are versatile, furniture is multi-functional, and most importantly, the scale of the pieces selected is right on point.

Suzanne wanted a space that was stylized yet calm.  She and her husband wanted the apartment to be comfortable, but they also wanted to be able to entertain…Clearly, the images reflect this wonderful balance of formality and everyday life combined into one environment!

I particularly love the above image of a space in the living room.  Firstly, the mural on the wall is breathtakingly beautiful…I love the subtlety and overall calmness of it.  Secondly, the geometric details in the window treatments add one extra “gem” to the space.  Thirdly, the versatility of the table…The couple uses the table as a workspace, to play dominoes, and to dine…This is an excellent way to use a space, particularly in the city.  Most important to note?  The scale of the pieces selected allows one to understand that even a one-bedroom can be extremely accommodating and yet still breathe.

Exquisitely stunning, Suzanne…Thank you for sharing your New York apartment with us!



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