What’s New at Crate & Barrel

I’m, of course, always looking for furniture that’s multi-functional or exceptionally versatile.  Spaces, particularly in the city, require that one be smart when making their purchases…Functionality and scale are key factors when deciding what to select!

I came across this accent table from Crate & Barrel…the Foundry Adjustable Personal Table…It’s not only great in that it has 14″ of surface space, but its height is adjustable from 20-28″ high…

This table could obviously be used as an accent or side table, but what drew me to it are its alternative uses…If a cocktail table were to take up too much space, this could be floated in front of a loveseat or settee…It could also be used as a small nightstand in a bedroom…More creatively, I think it would be a fantastic addition to a bathroom…If it were next to a sink, it would be a perfect place for hand towels!

This is a wonderful addition to your Fall Collection, Crate & Barrel…this isn’t just “What’s New” but “What’s Hot!”


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