Dinner Party Plans?

Do you by chance have dinner party plans this weekend?!  If so, I came across these adorable mugs from Anthropologie…the Monogrammed Mug, Missus!

This is a perfect gift in that you can really personalize it by getting your host(s) or hostess(es) a mug with their initial on it…Extra mugs are wonderful to have on hand when guests stay with you or when you decide to throw a dinner party!

I love the antiqued look to them, and the slight femininity in the writing complements the diminutiveness and curviness of the mugs themselves.

A pair of these would make a fantastic gift!  Should you want to kick your gift up a notch, consider putting a favorite breakfast recipe of yours in each mug!  Someone who loves to cook always appreciates new and different recipes!

Happy Friday, Everyone…Have a wonderful weekend!


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