I Dream of Daybeds…

Yes, I do dream of daybeds…not all of the time but sometimes…I know that it may sound crazy, but it does happen because of what I do and how much I love to design spaces for clients.

Some projects obviously require you to research pieces for a specific purpose…In doing so, I sometimes come across other pieces that catch my attention…I store them in my memory bank in hopes that I can either place them in a specific environment for a current client or I can use them in the future for a new client.

Cote Jardin Antiques is one of my favorite antique shops here in Washington, DC.  They have a gorgeous selection of fine antiques, and what I absolutely love is that they consistently keep their inventory up to date on their website!

The daybed above is an early 19th century Swedish “White Painted Gustavian Daybed.”  I’m always drawn to daybeds because of their versatility…They can be pushed up against a wall and layered with tons of back pillows, or they can be floated in a space and essentially serve one particular purpose or also allow for two separate seating spaces within one space…They can be used in so many different rooms…guest rooms and living rooms seem to be the immediate thought, but they also can work fantastically well in breakfast rooms and studies!

If the space is right and calls for it, a daybed can be a dream come true!


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