Sentimental Art

Photo Credit: Roger Davies / House Beautiful

I always like to address art (and its placement) as one of the last part’s of the design process…It’s important to initially have some sort of understanding of the space and how it’s going to be used rather than working around something that’s on the wall and having that dictate the functionality of a space.

When it comes to art, I’m absolutely more drawn to pieces that have some sort of sentimental value, such as photographs…I feel it’s a wonderful opportunity to interject family, history, and personality into a space…it helps tell your story and share your memories with others.

I do, though, have many clients with children…When asked for an inexpensive yet meaningful recommendation for art, I have recommended that clients ask their children to draw or sketch something…Framing and matting your child’s art can be a fantastic way to decorate your walls with something that has sentimental value…Have them use colors that work with your particular space, or even consider just a black marker or chalk to interject something contemporary yet neutral for more impact!

Art doesn’t have to be expensive…It should not only be something that you’re drawn to, but it should also have some sort of meaning or significance to you…If it does that, then you’ve helped give your space more uniqueness, originality, and character!


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