Creative & Clever!

Photo Credit:  William Waldron, Elle Decor

Elle Decor is currently featuring 10 spaces that they call “Rooms with Wit and Whimsy.”

I came across this particular space, and really found the treatment to be quite creative and clever!  Decoupage artist John Derian covered the walls of his Manhattan apartment’s foyer with pages from old books.  All applied with Elmer glue and water, the antiqued pages with their sepia tone coloring allow the space to have a vintage look!

This is a particularly interesting idea for smaller spaces…a foyer, a powder room, a closet, or even a small library…Consider covering your walls in things that you love…pages from some of your favorite books, sheet music if you’re a music lover, maybe even old postcards…

Whether it be something that has special meaning to you or just creates a certain feeling for a space, this application would undoubtedly create a statement and get people talking!

Excellent job, John Derian!


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