Designs That Inspire

When I first received Traditional Home’s “Top 20 Young Traditional Designers for 2010” issue, Brad Ford’s work immediately caught my attention…His image provided was gorgeous, so I immediately went to look for his website to see some of his portfolio…

In one of the most recent issues of Traditional Home, there was a layout of the 2009 Hampton Designer Showhouse…The room that was featured in the “Top 20 Young Designers for 2010” for Brad Ford was actually the same room that he designed for the 2009 Hampton Designer Showhouse!

I read the article and, of course, his space, design, and explanation caught my attention immediately…The room has balance, symmetry, and an overall calmness to it…but what I really found to be brilliant was his new twist / interpretation on the original porch space…Instead of flanking the fireplace with two sofas or loveseats, he actually designed custom porch swings for the space that provide the same function yet take the porch concept to a whole new level!

Well edited, beautifully designed, and fabulously clever…Excellent job, Brad Ford!


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