A Must-See Issue of House Beautiful!

If you have not seen the most recent issue of House Beautiful (July / August 2010), you have got to check it out!  This issue really blew me away in the sense that it was not only filled with strong design, but it only validates the importance and advantage of working with a good designer.

The issue focuses on small spaces, which you would almost never guess by the images provided…Two of my favorite spaces in this month’s magazine are under 450 square feet, and each showcases some of the amazing things that you can do with a limited amount of room!

Rooms of this size need to be extremely multi-functional…The banquette, which also has “linen closet” storage underneath, not only functions as the living room sofa but also provides seating for dining…The entry Empire-style card table in the first image is brought over into the space to function as the family’s dining table in the evenings…and yes, I did say family…Interior designer and husband, David Kaihoi, his wife, Monique Simard, and their daughter, reside in this 390 square foot home in the East Village of New York City.

This was one of my favorite images…and the versatility behind it is absolutely inspiring to a good designer who tries to think of inventive ways of using a space for a client…The antique gentleman’s chest has many uses:  it’s a desk, a bar, a child’s bureau, and when the child was in diapers, it was a changing table!  Brilliant!!!

Here’s the bedroom, which has the trundle bed underneath for the daughter…it only comes out in the evenings, but again, a very smart use of the space…I think the wallpaper is just stunning…

Excellent job, David Kaihoi…projects like this are a true testament to what designers are capable of accomplishing, and also a wonderful example of the benefits one gets from hiring a designer…Your home and project is a true reflection of your love for what you do, which brought the biggest smile to my face.

For those of you reading, there are many more images of this space in the magazine so please check it out!  There’s also a 450 square foot condo. in New York City that has the most spectacular daybed and screen covered in a breathtaking chinoiserie toile…

Congratulations House Beautiful…this is one must-see issue!


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