Day 3 of my Guest Bathroom Renovation

Day 3 of my Guest Bathroom renovation has been completed, and while it doesn’t look like a great deal had been accomplished, my contractor was here for over 10 hours yesterday!

There’s a huge amount of “prep work” that’s involved in order to move forward with the cosmetic changes…The floor needed to be re-installed and leveled…and so the precise workmanship at this stage is crucial to a fabulous finished product!  As you can also tell from the above image, installation of the drywall has begun as well…

The pipes were updated for the clawfoot tub as well…and while all of this was going on, my faux painter began prepping the clawfoot tub for its finish direction (which is going to be amazing!), so he applied a special primer to the original porcelain tub, which has a manufacturing date on the bottom of it of April, 1921!

Day 4 has already begun, so as always, stay tuned!  Happy Friday!!!


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