Day 2 of my Guest Bathroom Renovation

Day 2 has been completed with my Guest Bathroom renovation, and the worst is finally over!

The demolition of the space was completed by my contractor, which included additional removal of wall tiles and the entire floor…The demolition itself can be quite a bit of work, so from here on out, it’s nothing but improvements!

Before the drywall goes up (which very well may happen today), I had my electrician here yesterday…He installed a recessed light above the tub / shower, a recessed light above the sink (for task lighting), installed electrical wiring for sconces that will go on either side of mirror (ambiance lighting), installed electrical wiring next to the skylight for an accent light which will focus on a sculpture on the main wall, lowered the outlet next to the sink so that it wouldn’t be in plain view from the stairs, and put all of the lights on separate dimmers…

I can’t wait to see what progress is made today, and I’ll be sure to share it with you tomorrow!  Stay tuned!


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