A Beautiful Beginning for a Paul Corrie Interiors Before…

My recent selection as one of Traditional Home’s “Top 20 Young Designers to Watch For” brought me a new client.  These clients, a lovely couple from New York, purchased a one-bedroom plus den condominium in the Dupont Circle neighborhood…The husband, a top-level executive, needed a “home away from home” as his weeks are spent here in Washington, DC, to work. 

The couple contacted me and wanted to meet with me to inquire about my services and ask for my professional recommendations on the potential purchase of the above unit.  Our meeting was a success, and weeks later, the condominium was theirs!

Today, I share with you two “Before” shots of the space in its current state…It’s already the perfect blank canvas for me to work my magic.  Last week, I presented my recommendations to the clients for the entire condominium and aside from a few very minor changes, the presentation was approved!

While my “After” shots can’t be revealed tomorrow, I’m so excited that I wanted to share these images with you immediately…Stay tuned and get ready for a breathtakingly beautiful space that screams timeless elegance with a combination of old and new pieces, a space that’s comfortable and livable, and a space that with the careful selection of pieces for their appearance and scale lends itself to an environment in which one feels calm, welcome, and at peace.


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