Media Magic!

I’m a definite fan of media cabinets that don’t look like media cabinets…and if it’s at all possible to conceal all of your components, the advantage is that it appears as if one is interjecting another piece of furniture into the space.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of vendors out there that make this kind of product (and by this kind of product I also mean affordable).  Pieces that aren’t typically considered media cabinets can be converted for this purpose, but some people find this to be too costly.

Today, I came across the Anderson Media Console from Pottery Barn.  I like it because it lends itself to an “antique” look…Patterned after cabinets used by English merchants, this media console has bluff-cut doors that create the look of many small drawers.  With dimensions of 51.5″ wide and 19″ deep, the scale is wonderful for so many spaces, particularly smaller spaces in the city!

With all of the concealed storage, the rustic chestnut stain, and an absolutely reasonable price point, I’d say this is a definite piece to consider if a media cabinet is on your “Need List!”


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