Stylish Surfaces

Selecting a kitchen countertop surface can sometimes be an overwhelming task…there are so many options out there…and with those options comes a great deal of information.

Elle Decor has recently posted a link on their website which offers an explanation as to the varying options that exist, and the factors that one should consider when choosing a kitchen countertop.  When working with clients, I frequently go through a similar list of things to consider when making a decision as to what would be the best fit for a client. 

I found the link to be exceptionally helpful…Its short and concise explanations offer one a clear understanding as to what the pros and cons are of each of the options that exist out there…Marble, for example, is a “more porous surface,” but many homeowners enjoy the character that marble countertops take on over time. 

“Choosing the right countertop isn’t merely a question of aesthetics, nor is it only about function. The ideal choice should be a happy marriage of the two.”  Brilliantly worded…Thanks for the information, Elle Decor!


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