Meg Ryan’s Design Tips

Photo Credit:  William Waldron, Elle Decor

Elle Decor’s June issue hasn’t been released just yet, but they’re offering a sneak peek inside Meg Ryan’s home at Martha’s Vineyard!

You will get a glimpse of some gorgeous images of her Island Home…I particularly love all of the subtle architectural elements that are showcased throughout the space…They really add to the overall feeling, and I think the balance of rustic elements against modern furniture is executed so well and quite beautifully edited.

Meg Ryan shared some of her Design Tips, and I thought they were quite helpful and informative to readers as these are areas that I address with clients all the time…Some of my favorites?  Consider the Light, The Decor Should Reflect the Structure and Setting, Practicality Rules, and Textures Soften a Space…

Well laid out and explained, Ms. Ryan…These tips are extremely helpful for any person considering a new design project…and her tip on ripping out magazine pictures?!  Probably my favorite…It’s one of the best ways in which individuals can communicate with each other (or a designer and client) when it comes to design and having a mutual understanding as to what the desired outcome may be…

I can’t wait to see the full layout in June!


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