…from a Bird’s Eye View

Sometimes a particular space calls for something but the challenge to find that perfect piece can become so troubling and frustrating…take a small space between two windows, for example…In some spaces, it’s fitting that the wall just “breathe”…not every bit of wall space needs to be filled…Other times, however, the right piece is needed to complete the overall look.

I came across this beautiful Mahogany Eagle Wall Bracket, circa 1840…With dimensions of 17″ wide x 9” deep, this bracket can become the perfect “finishing touch” to a small space that calls for something…I love the exceptional detail…it’s beautiful enough that one could choose whether or not to display something on the surface…the shelf, however, can hold its own without anything…and the American style eagle is so classic…

Similar to fashion, you will see ideas that are recycled, replicated, or reinterpreted over time in design…Elle Decor’s website is featuring “What’s Hot!” for May 2010…One of the items included is a gorgeous console table that was designed by Thom Filicia, who is the interior designer most famous for his role on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Filicia has a new collection for Vanguard Furniture, and I agree that this particular piece is a definite showstopper…I love the whitewash finish, and with depth of 17.5″, this piece has great versatility…

Beautiful pieces and classic design…from a bird’s eye view!


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