Go For The Gold!

Photo Credit: Eric Piasecki

House Beautiful’s website is currently listing 20 Decorating Secrets!  One of their secrets suggests that gold is back in a big way, and that a few accents will warm up a room…

I must be onto something…As I begin the process of re-transforming my own space to show a new interpretation for clients and potential magazine interest, I came across the most gorgeous sofa which will be the beginning of my new living room!

It’s a Continental Empire Style Sofa…I love the rounded back and the openness of the piece…At 84″ wide and no arm space wasted, it has a great amount of seating space…and in a room that has its constraints, it gives off an airy, floating, “not so heavy” feel…I love the four legs across the front and, most importantly, the gold lion head detail as I think it adds the slightest touch of detail and drama…Once I have it recovered in a beautiful linen, it will surely be the perfect beginning to my new living room!

Thanks, House Beautiful, for some wonderful decorating secrets!


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