A Lot Of Banquette For Your Buck!

I decided to check out Wisteria’s “New Product” this morning, and was immediately drawn to their Louis XVI Banquette Bench!

The above image is just one example where a space can sometimes allow for additional seating or function within a space…and a bench or set of stools at the foot of your bed can do just that!  If a space lets itself to a cleaner, more contemporary look, I love the idea of interjecting something “old” to create more drama or character.  I’m particularly drawn to pieces like this one because they’re wonderful reproductions of timeless antiques but at a fraction of the price, and at times, more durable for their anticipated purpose.

Check out the great detail in the frame!  The textural carvings give so much personality to the piece, and are sure to make this bench a conversation piece…This bench would not only work at the foot of a bed with its exceptional versatility…Various ideas come to mind as to how to use it in a living room or family room, but even consider using it along the side of a dining room table or in place of a banquette in a kitchen!  Carpentry can be one of the biggest expenses incurred when renovating, and this is a great option to consider when looking at an overall budget…

Lovely design, Wisteria…Thank you for another great product!


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