Dinner Party Plans?

Easter is just two days away, which likely means that you won’t have dinner party plans this weekend.  However, the weather in Washington, DC is spectacular right now, which inevitably means anything goes…

So if you have a dinner party this weekend or you haven’t thought of the perfect gift for your Easter host (you should be taking them a gift on Sunday!), Whole Foods has the most gorgeous hydrangeas right now in front of the store…I stopped by yesterday and snapped a shot of the bluish purple ones above (they also have a huge selection in the most beautiful shade of pink!)…A plant is only $16.99 and it’s a wonderful gift because it can not only be admired for the time being, but the homeowner can then plant it and enjoy it for years to come as it grows!

Remove the plastic around the container, cut a piece of burlap to take its place, tie it with twine or a lovely ribbon, and you’re good to go!  An Easter gift with thought, thanks, and style…

Happy Easter, Everyone!


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