Hot Product!

I was in And Beige a few days ago for a client, and was blown away by the amount of new product on the showroom floor!  The displays are gorgeous, and so many of the pieces caught my attention…Whether you’re looking for home furnishings, accessories, or gifts, I’m extremely confident that you would find something with a quick trip to their showroom…

I was immediately drawn to the antique violins shown above in their very contemporary shadow boxes…These would be stunning in the home of a music lover…Like my antique rowing machine find, these have great coloring, patina, and personality, and would definitely become a conversation piece in one’s home…

These cocktail table / ottomans had literally just arrived at the showroom…I love them!  They’re so functional…and my favorite, of course, is their texture!  The possibilities are endless as to what they could be paired up with…suitable for so many different environments!

Well done, Daren and Broderick!  You have a showroom filled with hot product!


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