What Current Design Trend Catches Your Eye?

What current design trend or trends are catching your eye?!

I came across this image on Restoration Hardware‘s website…Restoration Hardware has caught my attention lately because they’ve really departed from their original direction and gone way more cutting edge and eclectic.  It takes a certain level of skill and a gifted eye to combine these types of pieces together…selecting the wrong pieces can result in an overdone, fussy, and messy looking space…

The image, however, embraces an aesthetic that I’m very drawn to and is something that I frequently aim to execute in my designs…I love the oversized, Neoclassically-inspired mirror with its texture, patina, and strong formality and how it’s juxtaposed against the more relaxed linen sofa and window treatments…and then paired with the rustic coffee table…this room is to die for!

The space screams of versatility and drama, and allows for more delicate pieces to be showcased in certain ways while those that are to get more use have stronger durability.

This is a definite design trend that catches my eye…What catches yours?


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