A Home Has Been Found For One Fantastic Find!

About ten months ago, I blogged about one fantastic find (and purchase!) that I had made…an antique rowing machine that caught my eye for its character, coloring, texture, and presence…Who knew a piece of exercise equipment could take on such a sculptural element, and become the most unbelievable statement in an appropriate environment?!

Well, my antique rowing machine has found a new home…Thanks to my May 2009 blog entry, a gentleman in Australia (who has been a rower for 30 years and is also a historian) purchased the rowing machine, which will now be displayed in a National Rowing Museum…Its new home?!  The West Australian Rowing Club Building in Perth, Australia!

I’m thrilled to know that the “sculptural piece of art” I found is going to a good home…Of course, I dreamt of it in a contemporary loft or on display in a showhouse, but this is by far the next best thing…where it can be admired and appreciated for reasons well beyond my aesthetic liking…

On another note, I’m very proud of this entire experience…that through the power of the Internet and blogging, someone half way around the world found me and my “fantastic find!”


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