House Beautiful’s Affordable Sofas

A client’s particular budget often requires one to get smart and creative.  I like to tell people that rooms are like recipes…they can be made up of many “ingredients.” 

In the February issue of House Beautiful, sixteen sofas are presented as showstoppers for $1,999. or less!  Even on a recession-friendly budget, rooms can be transformed and reinterpreted to reflect something new, fresh, and dramatic.  One of the sofas included is Crate & Barrel’s Azure sofa…With soft, clean lines and its subtle tufting detail, this sofa has great versatility to work in many different spaces!

A sofa can be a major player in a space, and often, is one of the largest expenses.  When I’m working with a specific budget, I think spec’ing. a sofa like the Azure sofa is a wonderful way to allocate your money appropriately.  You want something attractive and durable, yet something that won’t break the bank…and like a recipe, this allows you to address all of the other “ingredients” in the space within the determined budget. 

Back in July, I shared the following “After” shot of a condominium I designed here in Washington, DC…Look closely…Notice the Azure sofa?!  😉

It’s important to remember that dollar price doesn’t always equate to quality.  Sure…there are many times that you “get what you pay for,” but being aware of the overall budget and all that has to be accomplished is a challenging undertaking.  Think of how you’re planning on using a space, how much use it will get, and what you’re getting for your money.  This will allow you to splurge in other areas which end up being even more important!


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