Do You See What I See?

I was going through my latest Wisteria catalog, and noticed that they have introduced quite an extensive mirror collection!

Mirrors are great…they’re a fantastic opportunity to interject something on a wall, they can (at times) be less expensive than investing in a piece of artwork, and my absolute favorite?!  They bring reflections into a space…

Reflections are wonderful because they give the homeowner or visiter another perspective when looking at a space, and they can absolutely change the overall feel of a particular area…

I really like the Gilded Fanfare Mirror from Wisteria.  I love objects with height as I think it allows for the illusion of more openness in a space, and they have such a presence.  This mirror has fantastic dimensions of 18.5″ x 43.75″h.  It also has the perfect amount of detail…with its finials, trumpet design, and gilded painting, this mirror is sure to add personality and character to any space or vignette…It would look fantastic above a console or a fireplace…even a vanity…the possibilities are truly endless.

Do you see what I see?!  A very affordable and stunningly beautiful mirror.


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