I NEED YOUR VOTES!  Please keep them coming, and please encourage as many of your friends to vote as possible…Even if it’s one vote, it’s more than no votes…I want to be your next Top Young Traditional Designer!

We’re doing so well!  Remember, this contest is like a marathon…slow and steady…It goes until March 23rd, but you can vote once a day everyday!!!!

Here’s what you do:

Go to this link:
Click on “Vote Now!” under Readers’ Choice Awards
Go to 2nd page and click on Paul Corrie
After you register (which takes 15 seconds and you only have to do the very first time), there will be a box underneath Paul’s name…It says Vote with an empty box…Click on the box and a new box should appear over Paul’s room where you are to enter a code to cast your vote…Once you type in the code and click on the box below, your vote will be cast!  REMEMBER…YOU CAN DO THIS ONCE A DAY!

Thank you for your continued support!



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