Kitchen Gone GLAM!

Photo Credit: William Abranowicz, House Beautiful

This image appeared in one of the most recent issues of House Beautiful, and it immediately caught my attention!  The homeowners, Richard Norris and Mark Leslie, converted the previously used dining room into their kitchen, and tried to make every part of the kitchen look like a dining room element.

I just love the oversized Napoleon III mirror over the stove…so unexpected and so “over the top” for a space that doesn’t typically receive that kind of treatment or respect.  In the article, Richard and Mark explain how there is a window directly across from the mirror so you can actually look into the mirror while cooking, and it gives the illusion that you’re actually looking through another window.  It also is wonderful when talking to guests through the reflection.

I also love the way the built-in shelves are being used…slightly unexpected but completely functional, and a gorgeous display for everyday items…and the chandelier?!  Two antique bronze sconces that were put together that have now become the perfect complement to the antique mirror…

I’d say this is definitely one GLAM kitchen…Absolutely gorgeous, Richard and Mark!


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