PCI’s First “After” of 2010!

It’s always such a fascinating experience when meeting clients for the first time.  Typically, they’re so completely overwhelmed by what they would like to accomplish that they have no idea where to start…and what they find more puzzling is how accustomed I am to taking on the challenge.

Of course, it’s always important to make sure that an interior is complementary to the architecture…If the two don’t marry, the project reads as disjointed.  Beyond that, it’s about executing a direction and request of the client…with the designer’s touch or trademark, of course.

What I found so interesting about this interior (in the “before” shot) was that when I met the clients, there didn’t appear to be any connection whatsoever.  Interiors and fashion aren’t completely interconnected, but there’s a relationship…Look at what you’re wearing or what you’re drawn to wear on a daily basis…Are you colorful?  Are you more monochromatic?  Are you conservative or slightly edgy?

These clients were dressed “traditionally” classic…lots of black, very timeless and stylish…and with fantastic shoes!  Again, this wasn’t my inspiration for their design scheme, but it did make me think about a suggested direction and my initial presentation / proposal to them….so I took my measurements and my notes with their requests, and I began the challenge.

I share with you the “After,” and I have two clients that are smiling from ear to ear.  I’ve gotten several emails as to how happy they are, that they now have a home, and that they’ve never been more delighted to live in a space and call it their own…The space not only matches their personalities, but it’s functional and livable for their everyday life.  As I’ve stressed previously, starting with a neutral palette is a wonderful thing…It allows one to layer and add additional elements, such as color and texture, to interject additional personality into one’s space.

The clients’ requests for this space were as follows:  they like to watch TV so the seating arrangement needed to be conducive to TV watching, they like to read in their living room, and they wanted the space to be comfortable.  The cabinet to the left holds all of their media equipment.  It’s a Pottery Barn cabinet that looks like an antique piece of furniture…an old map cabinet, which I LOVE!  I had the TV mounted to the wall for additional surface space as well.  The cocktail / ottoman is great to have for lounge seating…one can throw their feet up on it while watching TV (it’s covered in an exceptionally durable chenille fabric), but it can also be used as a cocktail with a tray or it can even be pulled out of the grouping and placed across from it for entertaining purposes.  I had sconces installed for reading and placed a reading light next to the velvet occasional chair.  Finally, as a designer trademark, I took the mirror from their entryway…it was hanging horizontally before, but I had it rewired to hang vertically…It maximizes the room’s height and reflects so many of the wonderful elements of the condominium!

Across from the living room is the dining room space, and I reupholstered the seating in fabrics that complemented the living room design scheme…If the clients decide to entertain, they can bring furniture from one space into the other and all pieces will still marry beautifully!  Good design, after all, isn’t just about creating beautiful rooms individually…The bigger challenge, and what separates non-designers from designers and good designers from great designers, is to seamlessly transition spaces into one another.

Welcome to 2010, friends, and PCI’s First “After” of the Year…I hope you enjoy it and find the transformation as inspiring as I do!


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