PCI’s First “Before” of 2010!

2009 was a difficult year for everyone…and devastating for some more than others…We found ourselves, many times, consumed with frustration, stress, and lack of motivation or ambition.  Through it all, though, we held onto hope…hope that the plunge downward would stop, hope that security would emerge, and hope that things would quickly get better.

For myself, I focused on what could be done and what needed to continue because, after all, we still needed to be responsible and accountable…both professionally and personally…so I forged ahead with what I believed to be strong design and good working relationships with clients…Some projects were smaller than others, but the overall goal was never lost.

It’s 2010 and a new year…and I’m thrilled to share another dramatic transformation with you!  Today, I reveal the “before” living room of a one-bedroom condominium here in Washington, DC.  This image is fascinating to me because it represents a great deal of what I see on a regular basis…Instead of looking at the overall image, take a moment to look at each of the elements within the space…Aside from the area rugs, each element appears to have been purchased or selected for “impact”…a strong olive on the sofa, colorful pattern on the occasional chairs, interesting shape in the lamp’s silhouette.  Look at the paint color…someone is seeking out drama!  But do you see the problem?  When all of the elements are put together, it just becomes total chaos (I know my wonderful clients are reading this, so please know that I say that in all respect).

It sounds cliche, but we’ve all heard the phrase “Less is more.”  I encourage you to practice it.  As I say to clients all the time, it’s better to start clean and neutral, and then begin the layering process…elements and color can always be added…taking them away, particularly in upholstery and furnishings, becomes harder at a later date.

Tomorrow, I reveal the transformation…It will be PCI’s First “After” of 2010 (one of many), and I’m confident that it will blow you away…


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