Do you ever find that there are few options when looking for a particular product, such as a powder room or bathroom waste basket?  What’s offered and out there is limited and boring!

As I always encourage you to do, try to think outside the box and consider alternative items that may not necessarily be used for that one purpose!  I came across this Georgian Planter from Wisteria, and I love it!  It would make the perfect waste basket…It has fantastic dimensions, it’s offered at a competitive and reasonable price, and it has so much personality and charm…It would appear as though you were interjecting another piece of furniture into your space!  I particularly like the sophisticated design and the zinc-like finish…

Bathrooms tend to only have so much design and decor…Having the opportunity to add additional “accessories to the black suit” is always admired…Get clever with your purchases…they will lead to a stronger design!


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