Picture Perfect Places

Photo Credit:  Eric Piasecki, Elle Decor January / February 2010

I visit many homes and projects where people display family photographs throughout the home.  Of course, it’s important to interject that personal touch into any one space.  The problem, however, can be that the result appears as “clutter” or disconnected to its surrounding environment.

In the most recent Elle Decor issue, I came across this image and it caught my attention for many reasons:

1.  I always say that collections or displays have more impact in numbers.  Grouping family photographs together and consolidating them into one environment guarantees more impact and also provides for other areas to be less cluttered and more streamlined.

2.  This is a wonderful way to use a hallway space…Hallways don’t typically allow for a great deal of furniture so their function is always lacking…This gives that space a purpose!

3.  The collection of black and white photographs becomes a monochromatic and neutral canvas, guaranteed to marry beautifully with almost any interior.  Photographs that are in color can almost, at times, conflict with their surroundings.  Consider converting existing images to black and white images for a more contemporary and clean display.

It was important to me that I share this image with you because hallways are a fantastic environment to create galleries…they allow family and friends to share in personal and meaningful memories, and allow one to truly convert a space into a home.


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