Organization Is Key!

Photo Credit:  Simon Upton, House Beautiful

I came across this lovely photo on House Beautiful’s website, and wanted to share it with you…It’s a wonderful example of how important storage can be in any space.

Particularly when you’re living in a city such as Washington, DC, it’s important to be organized and to do that, creative ideas must be implemented due to limited space and constraints!

As I always encourage you to do, don’t limit yourself in terms of where furniture can be used.  This particular piece could be used in a dining room, living room, bedroom, or even entry space…the possibilities are endless!  I love, however, its placement in this bathroom…It’s thoughtful, lovely with the open display on top of white towels, its closed-off storage below can be used for almost anything, and its antiqueness adds character and personality to the space.

Organization is key in this bathroom, and I think its design has been executed quite well!


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