It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of Year

There is no question that the holidays are here!  If you haven’t started on your holiday decorating, however, there’s no need to worry!  There are plenty of quick and easy touches that you can incorporate into your home to give it that festive holiday touch.

In addition to a live tree, I’m a big fan of fresh greenery throughout the home.  I love the idea of wonderful scents during this time of year that remind us that we’re in the holiday season.  Fresh wreaths and garlands can be incorporated into both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Your local nusery should carry a similar product but if not, I love the Estate Boxwood Collection from The Magnolia Company.  The American boxwood is so classic and timeless, and is sure to add that sophisticated touch to your space.  A simple ribbon can be used to hang the wreath, and this is where you have the opportunity to get creative with complementary colors and styles to your space!  I hung a boxwood wreath on my front door, and used Ballard Design’s Burlap Ribbon, which not only looks beautiful with the wreath but shows the seamless transition into the interior of my home.

I’m also drawn to complementary materials and objects that are natural and organic.  Whether you’re decorating a side table, pedestal table, or even a dining table, consider Ballard Design’s Burlap with Jute Fringe tablecloth.  It’s a wonderful canvas to a festive holiday statement.  If the tablecloth may be too small in that it doesn’t go all the way to the ground, consider something like an oyster linen tablecloth that does, and then drape the smaller burlap tablecloth over top.

In my opinion, your options are endless as to what you can do with your tabletop.  No matter what you choose, though, two additions that should definitely be included are candlelight and something that provides a wonderful scent!  This will surely get your family and friends into this celebratory time of year!  Loosely place cinnamon sticks, star anises, chestnuts, and pinecones around your display…work in additional greenery, such as magnolia leaves or pine branches to give greenery and life to your vignette.  Want to add a punch of color?  Add bowls or platters of items that are edible…This not only allows for punches of color, but is a wonderful way to provide and offer treats to those that you’re entertaining!  Cranberries, craisins, apples, pears, and nuts are all terrific examples of colorful additions to a tablescape that can serve many purposes. 

Finally, overwhelm your space with candlelight…I like Pottery Barn’s Etched Mercury Glass Hurricanes.  They are a wonderful combination of old and new with their modern shape yet traditonal antique silver wash. 

The glow and warmth of candlelight, in addition to all of the other elements, will surely make your family and friends reflect on how this is the most wonderful time of year…


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