How To Hang Art

Photo Credit:  Miguel Flores-Vianna / Elle Decor December 2009

The latest issue immediately caught my attention because I took note to the fact that another project was being published from designer, Miles Redd.  For me, Miles’ is one of the few designers / indivduals that I have ever seen that has the ability to use massive amounts of vibrant color in a space, and marry them together in a way that screams of such sophistication, style, and European influence.

I wanted to blog about this particular image because I think it’s a wonderful example of something that I continue to deal with on a regular basis…the ability to hang art correctly.  I can’t tell you the number of homes that I enter (clients or not) where art is hung, but its relationship to its surroundings isn’t taken into consideration.

Here, there are obviously two pieces of art that are hung (beautifully) above the console table, but what’s most important to take note of is the bottom piece of art.  Part of what makes for the overall impact of this look is its relation to the console table, the pair of lamps, and vignette itself…even with respect to the wing chair!

People typically hang their art too high…when in doubt, art should be hung at eye level.  The next time, however, that you decide to hang something, whether it be art or a mirror or even a sculpture, I encourage you to think about not only how it would look on the wall but how it relates to its surrounding environment.


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