Dinner Party Plans?

In a little more than 24 hours, the relatives start making their way from California to the East Coast for Thanksgiving!

In my hosting preparations, I started to get my dining table ready for festive family gatherings soon to come…I purchased a few Rosemary trees from Whole Foods, took the wrappers off and placed the plastic containers into glass vases, covered them in burlap and tied them in twine (I love how the trees look like they’re wrapped in little winter coats!), and placed objects around them that are a combination of functional and purely aesthetic.

As always, I love these little projects / challenges, and when I finished, it made me think…If you have a dinner party this weekend, do you need a gift for your host or hostess?  A Rosemary tree from Whole Foods only costs $12.99, and it has the most gorgeous scent and presence…

Another option to possibly consider?  A true piece of Ironstone would be fabulous, but totally not necessary as a small gift for a simple evening.  Purchase a platter from Pottery Barn, and place four or five pears on it for your host…I thought these were a wonderful addition to my tablescape (and yes, I did purchase Bosc pears because of their beautiful “brownish beige” coloring) because as they ripen, guests can eat them at their leisure!

During this time of year, it’s important to be thankful and to show thanks…Give a gift to your host or hostess that shows thought, creativity, and most importantly, good design.


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