Knowledge Is…Art!

Well, this past weekend included a new fantastic find!

I came across this antique dictionary and stand, and couldn’t resist the purchase.  The dictionary itself was published in 1954 so it isn’t exceptionally old, but its age, patina, and size were too irresistible to turn down.

The two together were not incredibly expensive, and I think this is a wonderful example of how something with a purpose can also be used for art!  The stand and dictionary read very sculptural, and would make a fantastic addition to so many different spaces…It would be adorable in a child’s room, in a study, or even in a family room!

As I always encourage you to do, look at objects and think about how to use them differently.  You can achieve goals, many times unexpectedly, and take your design to a whole new level!  Who knew that knowledge could be art?!



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