Each Component Is A Piece To The Puzzle

Yesterday, I was searching online through design publications for something to blog about, and I came across this image…

This particular photograph was shown in an issue of Traditional Home.  It does not say which particular issue this photograph was in, but what caught my attention was that I ripped out this image from the magazine issue and I can confidently tell you that this was from several years ago!

Even as a designer, I’m constantly ripping out images from magazines…Some are for a particular idea and others are just for the inspiration gained from the overall design of a space.  In actuality, this room has certain elements that would probably not be included in my particular designs, but I have to say that the feeling gained from this image is almost nothing short of sheer perfection.  I located my copy of this image in my inspiration folder, but unfortunately, the page does not include a date when this space was published.

I love the subtlety in the gold faux detailing on the walls…Its warmth and the reflection that it captures from the accent lighting are just spectacular…I love how the mirror frame complements that overall feeling, and then the interjection of punch and drama with the most gorgeous color of roses (in an urn with such fantastic patina) in this dining room space makes this room an instant eye catcher!  I love the fluidity in the design of the chairs, and how they marry so beautifully with the lines of the chandelier…

Most importantly, I think that there’s a certain level of simplicity which is reflected in this design, and the chandelier (as Traditional Home discusses in the above link) operates as the focal jewel…It sets the stage for the overall feeling of this particular dining room, and truly becomes an integral element to this design scheme!

Years later, I still love this image…It evokes a wonderful feeling, and is a perfect example of how each component is an absolute piece to the puzzle!



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