Searching For What’s Just Right


I apologize for the delay in blog entries…Some other obligations pulled me away, but I’m back!

I’m currently working on a DC condominium project which lacks closet space.  While being budget conscious, I began my search for additional storage!

I came across this really wonderful antique Georgian armoire, circa 1850, and it made me think about the selection of pieces for a particular space and how to strategically put them together so that it doesn’t appear as if everything is coming from one source.  When I’m working with a particular budget, I rely on the same resources that the consumer relies on…Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and so on…but when I do that, I try to interject other pieces, preferably antiques, to throw the eye off and to show a creative twist on fresh design.

Please don’t misunderstand me…I use Pottery Barn all the time, but I did want to show an  example of one of their armoire’s and share my thoughts with you…

This is the Belvedere Armoire from Pottery Barn.  It’s a perfectly good armoire, and in some respects, may be more accommodating for some clients.  My antique armoire, however, is a better purchase for the following reasons: 

1.  Scale:  Antiques have much better scale than new furniture…new furniture is made much larger.  My antique armoire has dimensions of 36″w x 20″d x 62″h…These are fantastic dimensions because they allow this piece to be used in so many different areas!  With dimensions like these, this armoire could even be perfectly suited for a hallway!  The Belvedere is 54″w x 28″d x 72″h, which makes this armoire a bulkier piece and harder to place…especially if you live in the city!

2.  As I said earlier, I like to mix pieces…old and new…even on projects that require a more limited budget.  I can’t tell you the number of homes that I walk into and when I enter a room, I say to myself, “That’s from C & B, that’s from Pottery Barn, and that’s from Restoration Hardware.”  There is nothing wrong with making purchases from these stores…I DO IT ALL THE TIME…but don’t copy the pictures in their magazines!  If I’m going to use several pieces from major retailers, my antique armoire has personality, character, and age that the Belvedere does not.  You would also be surprised that when paired with pieces from major retailers that my antique armoire makes those pieces look even better!

3.  Finally, my antique armoire is just under $1,000.00!  The Belvedere is $1,699.00…

So, for less money and a stronger design aesthetic, I think that my antique armoire is the piece to be selected…I encourage you to take the time to search for what may be just right for your space…Mix and match pieces and styles, and you’ll be more likely to create the most gorgeous space!



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