An Efficiently Executed Environment

I came across this image on Veranda’s website today and really thought it told a wonderful story, so I wanted to share it with you.

When I saw this space, the first thing that came to my mind was not only how beautifully it was designed, but how multi-functional and versatile the room appeared to be.  Clients are constantly requesting that a room be visually pleasing (of course!), but they also can make requests that a room seat far more people than it can hold for entertaining purposes.  The designer’s challenge then becomes “What can a room truly hold and what well-scaled furniture will fit into a space that will allow a room to still breathe, but allow a client to entertain as many people as possible when necessary?”

I think that what this living room shows is that there’s well selected furniture ( and pieces that have gorgeous lines and personality) for various scenarios.  The cocktail / ottoman can serve as additional seating, the chaise can seat a couple of people during a cocktail party, and the stools underneath the console can always be pulled into the space for additional guests.

I don’t know what’s to the left of this image, but if I could guess correctly based on the order of these images, I would say that it’s the dining room.  A good designer, and this clearly is one, would create a space with pieces that can be moved from one space to another…and these pieces would look good in either environment!  Need additional seating in the living room?  Grab a dining room chair and bring it over, and look…it goes beautifully with that space as well!  Need a couple more seats around the dining table?  Grab the living room stools…a match made in heaven!  This is a design concept that I actually completed earlier this year, and the space has worked exceptionally well for the client as a result…

Betty Burgess, this is an absolutely lovely design…Well done!


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