The Use Of This Space is JUST RIGHT!

In the most recent issue of House Beautiful,  I came across this living room by designer Joe Nahem.  Let me first say that the online version of this image doesn’t do the space justice…If you have a chance to look at or pick-up a copy of the magazine, the actual image itself (and difference between the two) will blow you away!

I was drawn to this particular image for several reasons.  The main reason, and the purpose for this blog entry, is for the use of this particular space.  There are many people that are troubled by the idea of how to design a large space / room…What is the best way to use the space?  How do I make the space feel as though everything is included, and that it’s included in a cohesive manner?  What layout would work best in achieving this?

This living room is beautifully designed by separating the two spaces with back-to-back sofas.  It allows one to create two separate seating spaces within a room without there being such a disconnect of spaces…It also allows one to show continuity and consistency with respect to the design elements, but does provide an opportunity to also interject different elements that add personality and charm to each particular space!

What do I personally love about the design elements within this space?  I love the high contrast between the wall color and the window treatments, the banding (detail) on them as well, the focus of color interjected through the area rug, the Gustavian chair in the background, the tufted ottoman in front of the cocktail table that isn’t completely on the area rug (not everything has to stay within the borders of your rug!), and of course, the combination of linens and velvets throughout the space…one of my favorites!

Joe Nahem made wonderful use of this large space, and executed a lovely design for this client…I would say that the use of this space is just right…


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