High-Back DRAMA!

I’m constantly looking for furniture for clients that can serve various needs, but I’m also asked to create spaces that can accomodate many purposes.

I came across this fantastic English high-back sofa from Wisteria…I’m drawn to it for its uniqueness and character…the detail in the spindle legs, the nailhead trim, neutral fabric covering, and obviously, the back height…above all else, what an unbelievable price point of $1,499.00 for a sofa that makes a statement and can function in so many different manners!

I’d love to see a sofa like this in a breakfast space…A pedestal table could be placed in front of it for dining purposes, but surrounding seating could also be strategically selected and placed to create an informal sitting room / family room.  The potential outcome is two rooms in one!  The idea that rooms are created with true function in mind, in my opinion, reflects good design.

With excellent dimensions and a strong aesthetic, this high-back sofa has a whole lot of drama!


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