Architectural Details Carried Over

Yesterday, I shared a picture of a Church in Massachusetts that caught my eye for its architectural detail.  Its aesthetic made me reflect on what inspires people and impacts their design decisions.

I came across this gorgeous cabinet from Restoration Hardware.  Notice the angled louvers on the front of this cabinet?  They look very similar to the louvers on the Church’s shutter windows!

I love this cabinet for several reasons:  the weathered oak finish gives it a somewhat rustic appearance, the angled louvers and finish scream texture, and the detail on the casement locks is so elegant and sophisticated yet understated at the same time.

This cabinet is so versatile in that it would fit into so many different spaces.   I could see it in a kitchen space filled with dishes and serving pieces for entertainment…in a bedroom as a media armoire (the back could be adjusted to accomodate the tv and components)…or even in a family room / living room space to house books or games…

The statement of this cabinet is dramatic!  It has beautiful lines and a distinguished aesthetic, and it’s a wonderful example of how architectural details can carry over…


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