Simple Is Beautiful


On Monday, I returned from a relaxing vacation with good friends in the Berkshires.  It was a trip filled with long drives and fantastic antiquing, but most importantly, an opportunity to reflect and re-energize.

Days after we arrived, we drove to one of my very favorite antique shops in Massachusetts, which is located in Southfield.  On the way, we passed one of the most gorgeous churches I had ever seen!  It’s so simplistic in its architecture and design…the colors, the facade, even the landscaping…But it reminded me that sometimes the most beautiful things / elments of design are those that are so clean, soft, and simple.


Look at how gorgeous the windows were on the side of the Church.  The high contrast of the black and white paint coupled with the fantastic texture of the siding, which is complemented by the angled louvers on the shutters, makes this Church one stunning statement!

When thinking about your design objectives, look to outside sources for inspiration.  Simple is beautiful, and this Church is one strong example of just that!


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