The Royal Treatment


Upholstered headboards are a really great way to add personality and uniqueness to a bedroom space.  They can be customized and designed in so many different ways…shape of the headboard, size, fabric, nailheads, welt, tufting…the list is essentially endless!

I like to design headboards for my clients because I think they truly allow for a “one-of-a-kind” look, and I think that one can design a headboard based on the look that they’re going for with respect to a particular space.  The idea of an upholstered headboard automatically lends itself to a warm, cozy, and enveloping feeling…and just like paint or fabric, it gives one the opportunity to make any sort of statement…understated, bold, you name it!

If space is an issue, this is also a wonderful way of compressing the amount of space a bed may take up in a bedroom space.  Bedroom furniture that typically holds a mattess / boxspring typically increases the overall width and depth in a room, and sometimes it only takes a few inches to make a space feel uncomfortable.  With an upholstered headboard, one can use a basic metal frame to hold the matress and boxspring, and the headboard can be mounted to the wall…the end result can be drama that breathes!

Should you decide to make changes to your bedroom space, give yourself the royal treatment and consider an upholstered headboard!


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